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8 Tips To Fighting Insects and Other Garden’s Invaders

Slugs, ants, ear-worms, mildew and fungus – these are all a frustration to the organic gardener. Learn how to win the battle, organically

Organic gardens tend to attract all sorts of creatures and plant life, but not all of them are beneficial like bees. You as a gardener have probably spent countless hours devising ways of removing these pests and insects from your garden. And to stay on the sustainable side, you don’t want to use any chemicals. 

You will be happy to learn that you don’t need chemicals to finally solve some of the long-lasting battles with ants, slugs and snails, white flies and even fungus and mildew. You will learn 8 easy and quick methods for taking control of your garden once and for all.  

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Ever since gardeners went organic in their vegetable gardens, natural remedies for common garden pests have shot off the roof. Many store depots that concentrates on gardening products went overtime in developing environment friendly, inexpensive, and readily available ingredients that can be made to combat these common and destructive garden problems. In fact, gardeners also went on to experiment on what is the best solution for their own garden problems until they perfected their own formulas on how to  stop and control the different problems that have risen in their area. Today, there are so many ways on how to deal with common garden problems organically. Here are some of them.


Aphids, spider mites, and white flies are all allergic to liquid soap………… Spray the soap spray solution to the leaves of the plants in your garden. Make sure that both sides of the plants leaves are sprayed with your soap spray solution.


Great in treating mildew and other plant fungus, milk spray is very easy to do. In a container, add an equal part of milk and water. Mix properly and spray it to the infected plants in your garden. ………..

Believe it or not, snails and slugs are drawn to beer. In a small container, pour in some beer until it is full. Place the container with beer near your garden plants and when the slugs and snails climb into the container to take a sip, then they can no longer climb back up and in turn the slugs and snails will drown in the container.


In a bowl, mix sugar and borax. If borax in unavailable, you can also use corn mill.  After mixing, sprinkle the ants’ route with the solution. The ants will gather the sugar-borax mixture and bring it back to their nest. Since borax and corn mill are deadly to ants, when the ants consume the mixture, it will kill them.


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Source: Fresh Organic Gardening

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