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Efficient Gardening – How To Stop Wasting Time


Daily tasks quickly pile up, but just like weeds, you need to take control of them before they take control over you

Like many people you have probably come to a point where you have to handle so many tasks, that managing your garden becomes more of a burden than a pleasure. To turn the scales to your side once more, you can implement 5 very easy to do things.

You will see how quickly they can be put to action. It will open up more free time in your daily schedule, and you will once again look at gardening as a relaxing and fun experience, the way it is meant to be. But let’s not waste more of your time, and get into it right away.

Can you really grow your own food with a full-time job and a normal urban lifestyle? The answer is yes. The key is efficiency, organization, and perseverance.

The work of gardening can be intense. Like emails, dusting and dishes, it often feels like the moment you’ve completed your tasks, they start to pile up all over again. Weeds start growing back. There are always more seeds to plant. More crops to harvest. Pests to trouble-shoot. It’s never truly “done.” ……….

While I wish I lived at my garden, in many ways I’m grateful for the constraints. They’ve taught me that the more focused and organized I am, the more easily I can enter a flow-state of pure relaxation and really enjoy being in the garden.

I rely on the five habits below.


  1. Designate one day per week as your “gardening day.”
    Many tasks, like sowing seeds, pruning tomatoes and weeding, are well-suited to batching together in a weekly schedule. Once you’re in ‘garden mode’, it’s easier to get everything done.
  2. Have a garden plan.
    By knowing when to plant seeds and where you’re putting them, you can maximize space and make quick decisions. Even a rough sketch of where each crop is going can really take your garden to the next level.

3.Enlist the help of friends and family.
My parents are my gardening partners, watering, gathering supplies and handling various tasks between my visits. Friends often come by to help in exchange for a share of produce. ……….

  1. Multitask… but not in the way you’re thinking.
    ……….  I count my gardening hours against exercise, grocery shopping and chill-out time.

5.Use a checklist.
My biggest game-changer has been to create a garden checklist with my main recurring tasks, in a specific order that maximizes efficiency. This essentially ‘automates’ my garden days so that I don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.  ………..

Read the full article in Vancouver Observer

Article Source: Vancouver Observer
Image Source:  Money Crashers

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