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Field Bindweed Moves To Cities: Seeds To Outlive Many Gardeners

First It Took Control Of Farm Fields – Then Marched on

Weed is any gardeners nightmare but Bindweed is in a league of its own.

With seeds that can remain viable for up to 50 years, today’s seeds may well outlive many gardeners.

The big question is: Can this weed be treated organically or not.
Read the article for one perspective and share yours.


Like most gardeners I have a strong dislike for weeds. They create more work and rob our plants of much-needed nutrients and water. But like many things in life not all weeds are created equally. By that I mean some weeds tend to be more of a pain in the backside than others. Some weeds are easy to eradicate while others are next to impossible.

One of the worst to deal with is field bindweed.

Field bindweed produces an almost delicate looking vine with arrow or shield-shaped leaves. It can be seen vining along the ground in gardens or the lawns. It can also be seen winding its way up fences and your favorite plant. Sometimes it is almost hidden until it burst into flowers. Bindweed has trumpet-like flowers that bloom in pink or white, resembling that of a small morning glory.


Bindweed can form tangled mats, run along the ground, twist and twine around other plants, plus climb up and over all kinds of things. Each plant can produce up to 500 seeds that remain viable for 50 years But, bindweed’s real strength is underground, where the vine’s roots grow deep while also extending out far enough to reach from one landscape into neighbors’ yards. A break in or bud on those lateral roots can produce another plant.


This isn’t a weed you can control by hand-pulling unless you’re willing to devote years or your entire life to the task. Trying to hoe it up simply helps bindweed spread.



Source: Read the full article from Dennis Patton in The Kansas City Star

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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