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Gardener’s Virtues: Which Of These Do You Need To Cultivate


Here’s what makes a gardener at peace with himself, his garden, others and even with his enemies

While this article won’t teach you how to plant and grow cucumbers or how to make your soil healthier and more nutritious, it will teach you something beyond that.

Gardening isn’t only digging, planting and harvesting. It’s not only caring for the plants and then cooking the fruits or veggies. There’s so much more lying behind a true gardener that it’s worth peaking behind the invisible curtain.

These virtues, or skills, are the pillars of what true gardening is. You may be great at collecting heirloom seeds, but if you don’t share them or the knowledge with others, then what’s the purpose of collecting them?

Do you sometimes compare your produce with your neighbor’s? Do you boast about your plentiful harvest? Do you make fun of the neighbor’s low harvest or small fruits?

You see what we’re pointing at. These virtues will make you the most reliable, responsible and trustworthy gardener in your community!

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