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Horticulture Therapy: Why Should You Care?


More In-depth Research Into the Healing Powers of Gardening

Gardening has become more and more popular, but it’s not only the clear chemical-free food that grows, which is the reason for this trend.

People who spend just a few hours a day gardening or even less, still reap the benefits. You may not be a full-time gardener, farmer or homesteader. Ordinary square-gardening is just as beneficial.

We know about the therapeutic effect of tending fruits, vegetables and even simply flowers.

Did you know that these benefits are crucial for disabled or sick people? Do you know the effect of gardening on their ailments?

If you don’t, but are curious, the article below shows extensive research in the field and why Horticulture Therapy seems to be the key to any ailment (permanent or not).

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