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Kale In August – The Secret to Keeping it Fresh

Learn how this organic farmer handles her old maturing kale

As we enter the late summer season in August, your organic kale will begin to mature and have a hard time protecting itself against pests. This may let you down and you may think it’s time to say goodbye to this year’s fresh kale produce, but rest assured – there’s a handy way out of this.


Read further to learn a quick useful method of taking care of your old kale and how to have fresh produce by the end of September. No, it’s not time for farewell! This secret trick shared by an experienced organic farmer will bring joy to kale lovers.

Is your kale patch looking like a breeding ground for Japanese beetles? A gardening friend was looking for organic solutions to this problem. I surprised him with my response: mow it down. Not the most assertive kind of pest management, but sometimes it does not make sense to fight. Come August, it might just be time to let go of your kale patch……….

By now though, the plant is mature and losing its ability to fend off the pests. With a weakened over-the-hill plant, the pests are able to dominate with an infestation. As for your kale, it was good while it lasted. ………

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