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Lasagna Gardening: Find Out Why You Should Care

Learn the steps for lasagna garden “cooking”

While it may seem confusing at first, lasagna gardening can be super helpful for both your soil and your plants. You will go right behind the curtains and learn how the lasagna gardening work. You will go through the 5 steps of preparing and “cooking” your lasagna garden and breathe new life to your plants. You will also learn when your garden is ready for planting.


As making real lasagna takes some time and sweating over it, so is it with your garden. Prepare for some hard work, but be rewarded many times over as you revive your soil. You’ll see a huge boost in your plants’ growth as a result.

As the name suggests, lasagna gardening or sometimes called sheet mulching is similar in concept to the cartoons “Garfield” favorite food, the lasagna. Like the food lasagna, this form of gardening follows the concept of layering different materials in the soil to make a perfect planting mix for our garden. By using carbon and nitrogen rich materials that are layered alternately one after the other, we can be sure that once our layered materials have broken down, then, the bests planting material that can be used in growing our garden will be achieved.   ……….

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