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Organic fertilizer: Will You Pee On Your Peas?


Emptying your bladder will give your plants a healthy dose of nutrients and boost their growth …

Shocked by the idea?

Are there really people that will pee on their peas?

What about sharing a meal with them, are you up to it, knowing that is how they “feed” their plants?

When we first read the article below, we immediately realized it will be controversial, some will see nothing wrong with the idea and others will cringe  at the thought of it.

Consider this:  Many people uses horse or chicken poo to boost their plants.  Are there such a big difference then to the idea of using your own urine to fertilize your plants?  Or is it a “head” thing.  In other words, we can’t stand the thought of it.

We would love to hear what you think.  Share your stories, opinions and thoughts with us!

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