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Plants Rebel Against Drought – Threatens Gardeners With No Crop

Favorite Plants Are The Most Difficult To Manage During Droughts – Need Extra Care

Gardening is both relaxing and rewarding.

But when there is no crop, frustration creeps in and many gardeners start to wonder if it is all worth while.

Fortunately, some people make it their business to find answers to these dilemmas.

Read the article below to find out which popular plant is one of the most difficult to manage and also how to manage it.


Boy has it been dry lately! With summer temps reaching well above 90 degrees and the rain being scattered, there are a lot of gardens in Alabama that are taking a beating.

The number of calls over the last few weeks have really gone up, mostly about problems in the vegetable department, tomatoes always being the “problem child” in the home garden.

When summer temperatures start rising, so does the stress on plants, so proper watering is critical to reduce the overall strain on plants.

As I commonly tell my callers, healthy plants are happy plants and happy plants make happy gardeners!

So, how much water is enough water?  The best answer is “That depends”. …………..

Tomatoes are most likely the pickiest of plants in the vegetable garden when it comes to water. Too much water and you will have a great big lush tomato plant with no fruit. Too little water and you will have a wilted and dried stick that once resembled a tomato plant. As I mentioned before, managing the water, or more specifically the soil moisture is key to producing the best tomatoes. ……………

So, how can you maintain moisture around the plants in the garden? The best solution is to use an organic mulch. Mulching in the vegetable garden is beneficial in more ways that I will tell in this article, but disease management, weed control and maintaining moisture are the big three that I will mention. …………….

Source: Read the full article “Garden Talk” is written by Hunter McBrayer, Urban Regional Extension Agent, of the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) here

Image Source: The image is from the same article

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