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(Video) Biochar: The Best Organic Food For Your Soil


Why praise biochar so much? Read further to learn about the amazing benefits

Biochar, as the name implies, is an organic by-product from burning organic garden matter. It looks like charcoal but it shouldn’t be confused with it.

Biochar has a lot more benefits (some truly astonishing ones) compared to charcoal and other similar soil fertilizers. Once you learn how beneficial biochar is, you may even discontinue your use of other fertilizers.

Biochar is very potent and boosts the soil’s health not only with nutrients. In fact, biochar is of immense help to all beneficial insects and mostly to earth worms. You’ll learn why, and we’re sure it’s something you may not have known before.

Go ahead and watch the video. Then try this in your garden and observe the changes!

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