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(Video) Do You Really Know How To Store Potatoes?


Here are the best practices and lots of expert advice

We all love potatoes, whether baked, fried or boiled. Potatoes are the staple food of so many nationalities and communities all over the world, that it would be improper not sharing tips at least once.

Very often gardeners store the harvest in root cellars. No matter if it’s built in the ground (old-fashioned way) or it’s a mini-room of its own, the harvest needs to be stored properly.

If not, the fruits and veggies will ripen way too quickly and will go bad (and in the compost pile).

Potatoes tend to grow a lot and in order to prolong their life, they need to be kept in conditions similar to those in the ground – it must be cool, but not below freezing point. It should be dark and the level of humidity must be perfect.

You’ll learn how to store your potatoes during the winter and enjoy them for months ahead.

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