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What Einstein Said About Bees


Learn how to attract bee colonies and improve your garden (and nature’s) ecosystem

We all know that the bee colonies are collapsing on a large scale world-wide. If we don’t act soon and take action, one day we may live without bees. And since bees help plants pollinate and grow fruit, we may suffer the result that the ecosystem will collapse as well.  If Einstein thought it was important to make reference to a world without bees, we better take note and act upon it now.

Every person should take responsibility and see what part they can play.

In the following article you will learn five methods of improving your garden to be bee-friendly and welcoming.  If Einstein thought it was important to make reference to a world without bees, we better take note and act upon it now.

The genius Albert Einstein once saidIf the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live”. If this fact is true, then we should all be panicking right now. There are 4,000 species of bees around the world. And all these bees are in danger. According to statistics that was taken in the past six years, a total of 10 million beehives have collapsed in North America alone. Scientists are now calling this phenomenon as the Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD.  The use of chemical pesticides and insecticides are just some of the reasons of the said beehive collapse…………

So, how can we help in increasing the population of our pollinators? We can do this by attracting them and letting them forage and set up their colonies in our garden………..

Fruit bearing trees in your garden makes for perfect nesting sites for bees. Dead trees and logs can also be used. If you have no trees in your garden, then the post of your fences can be a good substitute………

Pesticides will drive away your pollinator insects instead of attracting them. So, if you want your plants to be visited by bees, then stop using pesticides of any kind unless it is really needed. ………..

Plant your bee friendly plants in an area where there is a good access to sunlight. Bees prefer a sunny spot compared to a shaded area in the garden…………

For more information and for a complete list of plants you may consider for your garden, read the full article in Fresh Organic Gardening

Article Source:Fresh Organic Gardening

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